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If you choose to propagate lemongrass from seed, start in the spring.

To direct seed, wait until all danger of frost has passed. Choose a location with full sun and well-draining, nitrogen-rich soil. Plant individual seeds six inches apart.

Only put a sprinkling of soil over the seeds, as they need plenty of light to be able to germinate. Seedlings can take up to three weeks to emerge, and you’ll need to keep the soil moist during this period.

Once seedlings are a few inches tall, thin individual plants to two feet apart. You can transplant the seedlings you remove to another location if you wish.

If you are starting seeds indoors in seedling trays or containers, plant seeds one month before your predicted last frost date.

If you want to plant in pots, choose one that is at least one foot wide and one foot deep. Lemongrass does spread, so it can quickly fill up the whole container. With its habit of spreading quickly, if you don’t want it to take over your garden, growing in pots is a good way to keep it contained.

Fill containers with nutrient-dense soil and plant seeds six inches apart. Once seedlings are a few inches tall, thin single plants or clumps of plants to 1-2 feet apart.

To transplant seedlings, wait until they are at least three inches tall, and all danger of frost has passed. Plant 2 feet apart with 2-3 feet in between rows.


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