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At Hands On with Amrii, we believe in education that transcends traditional boundaries, inspiring a new wave of learners who are not only equipped with valuable vocational skills but are also empowered to view the world through a holistic lens. Our approach combines the practicality of vocational learning with the richness of a well-rounded education. With a passionate commitment to nurturing creativity, curiosity, and hands-on experience, we offer a transformative journey for students seeking to embrace the excitement of learning. Our holistic vocational programs encompass diverse disciplines, from woodworking and upcycling to digital innovation and sustainable practices. Through immersive adventures, collaborative projects, and a global perspective, we are shaping individuals who can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern world while passionately crafting their own futures. Welcome to a realm of boundless exploration and empowerment – welcome to Hands On with Amrii.



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